Review: The Massage, Kitty Fine

I read this story while waiting in a hotel lobby in Rome while a storm passed overhead. Unfortunately, other guests had chosen to do the same, which meant I had to hide my incredible horniness from all of them as well as the reception staff!

This is a powerful story and well written. I love the way Kitty writes in the first person. It makes me feel as if the story is happening to me as I read. And, I was incredibly turned on… Can’t wait to read more from this author!

Review: Lip Service, K C Cave

In my opinion, there isn’t nearly enough lesbian erotica out there at the moment. So, I jumped at the chance to read this little book provided by the Author through the BDSM group on goodreads.

I loved that fact that this book is written entirely in the first person. That way, when I read the passages, it feels like I’m reading my own journal and this has all happened to me.

Speaking of journals, I also liked the way the chapters were titled as the days over which this particular affair took place. That gives it an intensity you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of.

I’ve given this book 3 stars out of five though, for two reasons. Firstly, I felt there was not as much use of plot as there could have been. Secondly, the sex is well-written but rather repetitive. I did like the mild BDSM part towards the end. It’s a shame more variety was not employed throughout the rest of the story.All in all, a nice little read, although I won’t be reading it again.

I would like to thank the group and the author for allowing me the opportunity to review.

Review: I Still Remember, Harper Bliss

I adore reading Harper’s material. She is such a competent writer, the words appear to drift effortlessly along the page and I languish in the act of reading her stories.

Most of all, however, I read Harper Bliss because her tales of lust really turn me on, and this story is no different.

The central character, Eli, reminds me of myself many years ago. Unsure of her sexuality and confused as a teenager, then subsequently her actions as a fully-grown woman, will resonate with many, I’m sure.

I look forward to reading much more from Ms Bliss!

Review: Tormented Passage

This is a glorious book, and the first erotica I read which included illustrations. Now, I love watching porn from time to time, but I must admit, I was sceptical about the use of images in an erotic novella. I have always felt previously that porn had a primary function different to that of reading a book. However, they are sensual images. Graphic, yes, but also sublimely fitted to the story, rather like the figure-hugging outfits that our heroine wears throughout the story.

This was also one of the first BDSM stories that I ever read, and it interested me in the genre very much. I also loved the way the author sets his tale within a science-fiction and futuristic, almost fantasy setting. Some fantastic imagery, especially in the way he describes the first journey to the spaceship in something akin to an elevator. I imagined it to be like the capsules on the London Eye but instead of rising only a hundred or so feet above the ground, this is miles above the Earth’s surface. I bet the view was amazing!

Our heroine is a good, solid strong female lead, something which I admire very much. Her submissive role does not mean she is weak, something I am learning is generally true about the world of master-slave relationships. The sex scenes are well-described and use some beautiful language, which I find is rare and refreshing to see from a male author.

All in all, a good read. This is the first of a trilogy so, now I know it’s worth it, I shall certainly be looking out for the others so I can complete the story!

Review: Awakening The Virgin, Various

Another wonderful collection of short stories, this time concentrating exclusively on lesbian scenarios where one partner is new to the whole girl-on-girl thing. This is a delicious collection of tales, woven expertly by the contributors. The content is so ‘real’, I do wonder how any of them are writing from their journal entries..?

One of my favourite from the selection is In My Heart by Jules Torti – a gorgeously sensual story of when it’s the virgin who takes the lead and devours someone. Ms Torti has captured the essence of what it means to write erotica: “The words I wrote happen in the thick velvet of night” she states in her bio. I must away to my own velvet…


Review: Ultimate Decadence, Various

A charming collection of erotic tales about all sorts of encounters, ranging from the sublime to the downright horny. I loved these stories. Each one is just the perfect length for a few moments to oneself, now and then. My favourites include Tube Journey, in which the central character receives some much-needed attention on her way to work, in full view of the other passengers no less, and A Night At The Opera, where our plucky heroine learns how to add passion to her performances with a little practical help.


Review: Fallen Angel, Dark Scribe

HELL! What a ride!
I wasn’t sure about the whole BDSM erotica thing but I really loved this book. Some parts made uncomfortable reading for me, but I soldiered on and found it very much worthwhile. I found myself becoming more and more intrigued by the central male character and his intentions. DL certainly had me on the edge of my seat more than once.
Mr Scribe describes our young heroine effortlessly page after page. She’s just like me (and you, too) which makes it easy to imagine yourself in the same situations as she manages to get herself into.
I’ve just downloaded the second book in the trilogy and can’t wait to start…