Review: The Massage, Kitty Fine

I read this story while waiting in a hotel lobby in Rome while a storm passed overhead. Unfortunately, other guests had chosen to do the same, which meant I had to hide my incredible horniness from all of them as well as the reception staff!

This is a powerful story and well written. I love the way Kitty writes in the first person. It makes me feel as if the story is happening to me as I read. And, I was incredibly turned on… Can’t wait to read more from this author!

Review: I Still Remember, Harper Bliss

I adore reading Harper’s material. She is such a competent writer, the words appear to drift effortlessly along the page and I languish in the act of reading her stories.

Most of all, however, I read Harper Bliss because her tales of lust really turn me on, and this story is no different.

The central character, Eli, reminds me of myself many years ago. Unsure of her sexuality and confused as a teenager, then subsequently her actions as a fully-grown woman, will resonate with many, I’m sure.

I look forward to reading much more from Ms Bliss!