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This story was the first one I ever wrote which became published. It was a pleasure to write and even a joy to edit. If you like it (and I hope you do), you can find more like it on Amazon here.



The gentle Canarian breeze licked its way through my freshly showered hair as I leaned over the balcony. My fellow holidaymakers were sunning themselves around the pool beneath me. It promised to be yet another glorious day of wall-to-wall sunshine. I smiled to myself and felt an intense peace settle over me, the kind that eludes me for the remaining fifty weeks of the year when I’m not on vacation.

I was drawn to voices on the level below; a new couple had arrived. They appeared on the level below, each dragging a suitcase behind them.

“We have newbies,” I said to the open patio door behind me.

“Oh, let me see!”

My boyfriend came rushing out, still wrapped from the waist down in a towel with half a face covered in shaving foam. He stood next to me watching the couple beneath us being shown to their room.

“Hmm… What do you think?”

“She looks very cute from this distance,” I replied. “He’s not bad either.”

“Good stuff. We can check them out in the bar later on.” He winked and returned to the room to finish his ablution.


It had promised to be the most wonderful romantic holiday. Dylan and I had been apart for several months while he went abroad on business. Things had not been easy between us when he left. There had been arguments and misunderstandings and we both felt that some time apart would be beneficial.

It wasn’t long, however, before the tone of the emails and online phone calls deepened. We began to flirt again as we used to during the first heady days of falling in love. I learned that I still felt a burning passion for this man and berated myself for allowing our differences to drive a chasm between us.

Night after night, I dreamed of acting out my fantasies with Dylan and in the mornings, I woke feeling lonely and frustrated. Masturbation seldom hit the spot as he used to.

I longed to feel his touch. I wanted his fingers and tongue to bring me the ecstatic relief that no one else had ever been able to do.


After dinner that evening, we made our way along to the poolside bar for drinks. Immediately, I spotted the couple we saw arriving earlier in the day. They were chatting with the bartender as he poured them each a mojito.

They were both well dressed; he in trousers and a short-sleeved shirt, she in a petite cocktail dress and very high heels to match. It was clear that the gentleman was very much the sporty type, large muscles bulging from the edge of his sleeves. I began to think about what the rest of him was like underneath his clothes. His partner had the most beautiful blonde hair I have ever seen. It fell in waves about her shoulders; each strand, it seemed, intricately woven to give an effortless sun-kissed effect. I couldn’t work out whether it was due to many hours spent sunning herself in the sunshine, or many hours in an expensive salon.

In short, they were both attractive and clearly confident in their surroundings. I stood next to them, smiled my best winning smile and said hello.

The lady turned to face me first.

“Hi,” she said. Her eyes were a most fascinating shade of blue and they sparkled with a rare intensity. I was speechless. Well, almost.

“We saw you arriving today,” I blurted. “Did you have a good journey?”

“Yes, thank you, very pleasant. It’s wonderful to be here.”

There was a slight Dutch accent, but they both spoke English fluently, we discovered. We chatted for some time before they excused themselves and retired early to bed.

Thoroughly enchanted by our new friends and excited about the opportunities which might present themselves over the next few days, Dylan and I retired shortly afterwards.


The following day, we took a drive to the beach. The Canaries are very liberal when it comes to beaches. There are plenty of nudist areas which we both love. There’s something about the freedom that comes with not wearing any clothes.

I gazed up at Dylan as we wandered barefoot, hand in hand, and smiled. He grinned back and pulled me close, enfolding me in an affectionate embrace. Nestling into his bare chest, I felt loved, protected and happy.

We found a secluded spot, hidden from the well-trodden path, and lay our towels down on the hot sand, quickly discarding all clothes in a rough pile.

The hot Canarian sunshine beat down, casting a hazy glow over the sea and the sand dunes. It bathed our nakedness in a healthy blanket of pure light.

“Hey, babe.”

A playful expression danced across Dylan’s face and he drew my face towards his for a slow sensual kiss. I murmured as I tasted the salty sea air on his lips.

“Are you feeling as horny as I am?”

The sun caught a wicked glint in his eye as I thought it over. We were on a nudist beach after all and besides, there was no one around. I realised I had already talked myself into it so I shuffled over towards him for a cuddle.

“You feel so wonderful,” he whispered. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too.” My eyes filled with tears, I was so happy.

We kissed slowly at first, our tongues barely touching but circling in anticipation. I stroked the side of Dylan’s face and neck and drew him further in. I wanted to explore him from the inside. I wanted to become part of him. He responded by plunging his tongue further into my mouth, as though he wanted the same.

I could feel his cock growing hard against my thigh and a shiver of excitement flooded through me. My tears were long gone, replaced by lustful desire. I wanted him.

Reaching down between my legs, he stroked me and felt the wetness already gathering in response to his touch. Bringing his finger up to his mouth, he sucked my juices from them and a growl escaped his lips.

I reached down and stroked his cock gently with my fingers before curling them around the shaft to begin the rhythmic, pumping action which he loved so much. I could feel his arousal increasing.

I was about to slide down the towel and take his member in my mouth when I spotted someone approaching and froze. Dylan turned round to see what I was staring at and smirked.

“You know who it is, don’t you?” he said.

I squinted in the sunshine as they came into view. It was the unmistakeable athleticism of the man’s arms and the beautiful blonde of the woman’s hair which jogged my memory.

“Excuse us,” the man said. “Would you rather be alone, or would you mind if we joined you?”

Dylan and I exchanged glances. He raised his eyebrows and I nodded in agreement.

There would be plenty of opportunities to be alone when we returned to the hotel; this was too good an opportunity to miss.

“By all means,” Dylan said, gesturing to an area of sand beside us. “Enjoy the show!”

The couple smiled at us and then at each other. Laying their towels on the sand a little way from us, they removed their own clothes and sat down to watch. I felt another shiver in my veins.

Both Dylan and I enjoy being watched. It’s such a turn-on to know that other people derive pleasure from seeing you express your love for one another in the most physical, carnal way. However, we’d never had it happen outdoors before. One of my biggest fantasies was coming true.

I rolled onto my back and parted my legs to allow our voyeurs the best view of my glistening wetness. I slid a finger between my pussy lips to capture some of the stickiness and taste it while Dylan massaged my breasts and began to tweak and suck my nipples.

Sneaking a peek at the couple I saw they had lazily begun to play with each other, their eyes fixed upon us. Dylan’s fingers had moved down to stroke my swelling clit and a lustful hunger overtook me. I grabbed his cock and stroked up and down the shaft to match his fingers’ rhythm. Dylan knew exactly how I liked to be touched to ensure maximum pleasure and he was giving me his full attention.

The delicious aroma of my own arousal combined with the sea breeze was intoxicating. I closed my eyes and listened to the gentle sound of the waves breaking on the shoreline a little way from us. I felt as though I was in Paradise.

I gasped as I became aware of Dylan’s head diving between my legs and his tongue reaching my sweet spot, licking and sucking with delight. Opening my eyes, I had an eyeful of his beautiful cock just inches from my face. With similar enthusiasm, I launched towards it, licking the drop of pre-cum which had gathered around the tip before taking it all in my mouth.

“Oh, baby,” Dylan threw his head back and moaned. “You do that so goddamn good…”

I smiled and caught another glimpse of our guests who appeared to be enjoying themselves so much that they had edged a little closer to get a better view.

“Want to join us?” I asked.

The lady needed no more encouragement than my smile. Clearly she had been waiting for an invitation.

She came over onto our towels and knelt by Dylan to massage his back and shoulders as he continued to lap at my pussy.

Murmuring his approval, he replaced his tongue with his fingers and smiled up at me. The lust in his eyes showed he was thrilled by every aspect of this experience. He then turned his attentions to the gorgeous Dutch siren while her partner moved towards me and I sat up for him to kiss me.

It’s always an exciting experience kissing someone new. You never really know until that moment whether there’s going to be any chemistry between you. A bad kisser can ruin the whole thing, even one as stimulating as this one was turning out to be.

Luckily, I had no reason for any apprehension. This Dutch hunk had clearly kissed a lot of women.

He started with tiny pecks then nibbled on my lower lip. This wasn’t so much a spark as a lightning storm. By the time his tongue entered my mouth, I was delirious with desire.

His large, capable hands languished over my breasts, gently at first then becoming firmer and more deliberate. I arched my back to meet his rhythm and tossed back my head in ecstasy. He broke off from kissing me only to give my nipples a similar experience, which freed his wonderful hands to wander downwards to my now sopping wet pussy.

Dylan, by this time, was concentrating on his new temporary partner. I glanced over to watch his hands gliding over her petite breasts as he kissed her. He was such an attentive lover. I knew she would enjoy him very much.

Turning my attention back to my own plaything of the moment, his fingers were now gliding in and out of me, causing my pelvis to tilt of its own accord to ensure he reached exactly the right place. He kept up the pace for a while, and then increased it a little as I moaned louder to greet my approaching orgasm. Waves of release flooded over my entire body and I ejaculated over both the towel and my Dutch lover as I screamed “YESSS!”

I gazed up at the man. His piercing blue eyes smiled down at me as he continued to caress my naked form lying wantonly spread-eagled before him.

“You are very beautiful,” he said, and reached down to lick the juices from me.

As he did so, a drop of sweat dripped from his brow onto my stomach and a fresh wave of desire coursed through me.

A well-manicured hand started caressing my shoulder at this point and I looked over to meet the lady’s gaze. The desire in her eyes held me transfixed for a moment. I hadn’t known until that point whether she liked me too.

I pulled myself onto my elbows and reached a hand across to stroke her cheek before moving in for a kiss.

There’s something about kissing another woman which is very special. The softness is different from that of a man. It’s often less urgent and instead more sexy and sensual.

A faint moan escaped her lips as I circled my tongue around hers. The two men sat back and watched us kiss for a while, happy that they could rest for a moment and allow us to pleasure each other.

I reached my hand down to caress her stomach and her perfectly formed hips, teasing her legs open so I could feel her shaven mound in all its beauty. Her skin was exquisite, warm in the strong sunshine and there was a faint hue of coconut mixed with her arousal. I was intoxicated.

I abandoned myself to her as she rolled me onto my back and straddled my face so we could both lick each other while our partners stared on. I could see that Dylan had manoeuvred himself so he could watch me lick and suck at the Dutch girl’s labia. His magnificent cock was standing to attention and he stroked it as I pleasured the Dutch seductress.

It occurred to me at this point that there was one thing missing from this erotic ensemble. I lifted the girl so she sat up and invited her to lie down facing me. I then stretched out my legs so we were locked, scissor-like, our pussies tantalisingly close. She looked a little bewildered until I lifted myself onto my hands and tilted my hips to brush her labia with my own. Her face beamed with delight and she bit her lower lip as she ground herself against me with small movements. I continued to follow her pace and the two guys murmured their approval at the spectacle before them.

Dylan was now transfixed and had increased his stroking to a definitive pumping rhythm; the Dutch hunk appeared to have done the same. My gorgeous partner moved faster too, her face now overcome with lust and unbridled passion. I could feel my own orgasm approaching; watching her face contort and her body spasm in front of me tipped me over the edge and we both screamed out, oblivious to everyone around.

The afterglow was broken by a grunt from my right and a spurt across both our naked bodies. Dylan shortly followed suit and I grabbed his cock to suck the remaining juices from him as he moaned in appreciation.

We all lay together in a heap chatting for a little while afterwards, before the Dutch couple thanked us for a lovely time and left to return to the hotel.


Later that evening, as we arrived at the hotel bar, the bartender gave us his usual winning smile as he spotted us.

“We’ve got a special offer on cocktails tonight,” he grinned. “How do you fancy Sex On The Beach?”

“Really?” I winked at Dylan. “You have no idea…”