Ink or Pierce? Decisions, decisions…

I’m getting restless again. It’s only four months since my last tattoo and I want something else done already.


I haven’t yet decided whether it will be another tattoo or a piercing this time, so I’m open to suggestions at this point.

Naturally, if I plump for the ink, there will be a continuation of the cat theme, which features in all six of the existing designs. My very first tat, the small outline of a cat in my lower back (that’s the ‘tramp stamp’ to most of you!), is now looking a little lonely all by itself, and it’s nowhere near as intricate as the others, so I think it would be great to have it embellished and expanded into something more artistic.

Alternatively, I could go for another piercing. I’ve had some great information about the fabled (and in my opinion, incredibly sexy) VCH (read more here) but I am also considering another pair of ear piercings. I have four each side already, so it would be nice to build them up a little more.

Anyway, all this research got me thinking. Body art and modifications are more and more popular and mainstream now than ever before. Why is it that we choose to bejewel and adorn ourselves in such a way?


The history of tattooing goes back to Neolithic times. A mummy was unearthed in South America who bore ink marks on the upper lip. The remains were dated to around 6000 BC (see here), so this is nothing new. However, until relatively recently, it was largely recognised as having prominence only in primitive tribal cultures.

In Western civilisations, it was largely used to distinguish those who had spent time in prison or been at war. There are records of soldiers on both sides of the American Civil War receiving tattoos.

Not until the 1970s did it become part of mainstream fashion in the West, often led by prominent artists in popular culture. The likes of Janis Joplin (who famously had a small heart inked onto her left breast) helped in shifting tattoos from something which marked someone out as an outcast, to being an acceptable form of self-expression.

Piercing, too, has had a colourful past. Apparently, there are references in the Kama Sutra to a piercing in the penis to enhance sexual enjoyment. (Who knew?!)

People choose to get tattoos and/or piercings for all sorts of reasons:

  • Identification – they want something meaningful to them, for example their Zodiac sign, or a favourite pattern or photo;
  • To honour loved ones – children’s names are often used, or a visual representation of something which reminds them of a deceased loved one;
  • Style, fashion statement – celtic bands, large flower patterns, angels, or whatever, these trends are constantly changing;
  • Prison/gang membership – still used, apparently, although I have no first-hand experience of this!
  • Other – tattoos can be a very effective way of covering scar tissue following surgery or an accident, improving body confidence in many cases.

For me, my tattoos and piercings are all very personal. Each one marks an event or person which has had a profound effect on my journey through this mortal plane of existence and I like to remember them.

So, who’s ready to share their photos of your ink? I’d really love to see them!

6 thoughts on “Ink or Pierce? Decisions, decisions…”

  1. They say nowadays if you want to be different don’t get a tattoo! Personally I love tats…..I haven’t seen yours but sounds like you have a few….maybe enhance the one on your back as it doesn’t sound like it’s the best you could have.. My ex had her clit hood pierced…very sexy so maybe something to consider….as for multiple ear piercings well I think too much of anything can be overkill… x

    1. Hi Conner,
      Welcome to my blog, and thank you for the comment.
      I must say, I’ve been toying with the VCH idea for a few years now, so I think it might be time to take the plunge!
      K x

  2. I have several tats and piercings. I put my pink cat tattoo on your page today for a comp. I also have my VCH and it’s not as exciting as people say lol

    1. Hey Donna, I’ve heard that some women have little or no excitement from their VCH. I’m meeting someone tomorrow to talk about it, so will make my decision shortly. Watch this space! K x

  3. Hi everyone and hi kitty….
    Ok here’s maybe a little honesty.

    tattoos or piercings…
    I currently at this moment in time have 8 tattoos which I love mostly all.of them and hopefully getting more and more.. However for quick fixes of my tattoo bug I had many many piercing over the years and in different places on my body.. Including surface piercings across my body. However piercings are pretty but however they never tell you about the ever lasting scars from.taking them out or the damage of what some can do.. So i would in all honesty do your research ask questions find the best of the best and like this ask others… As I know each person is completely different and have different experiences….

    On that note I honestly love all.body art and mods… I thinks.its beautiful and in this day and age its becoming more and more popular. …

    However there are.still.those within the world who do not or can not accept people for who they are or look like… And generally make stereotypical judgements against people. Which makes me.sad…
    Now I’m.rambling…. Hahahaha

    Ending on.. If you have it flaunt it.. Accept it.. Love yourself.. But make.the choices on your own.. Ots your body.. Embrace the art. Xxxx

    1. Hi Annabella,

      Welcome to my site, first of all!

      Great points you make there. I’m lucky in that all my piercings have been done well – sometimes the healing has taken a while but that’s inevitable when they’re in a place which gets a lot of disruption – the navel, in case you were wondering! 😉

      I love body art too. I’m a great fan of individuality. In too many arenas these days, people are expected to conform to some kind of standard and this forces people to judge people who don’t conform to this ‘normality’. Stand out from the crowd, I say!

      I have had a VCH piercing since this post was written actually (which I ADORE!), and I’m now thinking about tattoos 7 and 8. Naturally, there’s a cat theme to all of mine, me being somewhat crazy-cat-lady-like. Just need to finalise the details and get my appointment booked 🙂 Will post photos once they’re done, of course!

      Great to meet you!

      K xx

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