Interview: Charlotte E Hart (The White Trilogy)

Welcome, One and All!

This is the very first in a new series of posts where I interview some of my favourite erotic authors and learn more about what makes ’em tick.

First up is the delightfully smutty Charlotte E Hart, who I met in person at a  signing event in Peterborough, UK, back in March 2015.

Charlotte is a lady who breezes into any room and smiles from deep inside her heart at everyone present. She is a truly gorgeous person, and it’s evident in her writing. I am thrilled she has agreed to answer my questions, so without further ado…

How long have you been writing generally, and in the erotica genre in particular?

I’ve been writing a little over two years now in any really sense of the word. Poetry I’ve toyed with on and off for a long time, but proper actual writing, novels etc, two years.

What inspires you to write your stories, and The White Trilogy especially?

In all truth, my life changed. A small person came along, with the help of some extra-curricular activities, and it changed the way I had to live my life somewhat. Who knew, right?

Worlds turn upside down when that happens and I needed an outlet for all the information in my brain, which was driving me stark raving mad most of the time. I started writing poetry again, just for me really, but from there a certain voice started talking to me.

He was very insistent, and still is most of the time. His ‘friends’ started joining the party a short time later and before I knew I’d written my first three chapters. Ta-da! I hadn’t got a clue where it was going but he just kept talking, quite explicitly, so I kept writing.

What kind of research, if any, do you do for your work?

None. Not of any consequence anyway. I’m lucky enough to have lived a *coughs* well-rounded lifestyle, and I have plenty of experience in my chosen genre, so that part’s reasonably easy.

I did need some Italian help from a very good friend, and I also like to visit stately homes, so I suppose you could call that research for all the beautiful homes in The White Triogy.

Can I call all my city visits research too? I travel a lot, so yes, let’s call that research shall we? Apart from that, very little really.

What is your daily writing routine like? Do you have any rituals?

Oh My! Do people have those? Some kind of structure, you mean? Lordy, I wish I had the time to put some kind of timetable down for my writing. I’m aiming towards it, somehow, and at some point I will I’m sure, but at the moment it’s simply not possible for me to commit blocked hours to it. I just snatch and grab as and when I can. It’s very confusing, but the story manages to stay inside my head most of the time so I can pick up reasonably quickly again.

Pen and paper, or straight-to-keyboard writing?

Poetry is scribbled on paper, it hangs around for a few days and then I piece it all together when the right word finds the right hole, so to speak. Actual writing is always straight to laptop, unless I happen to get a sudden urge and then I’ll grab a napkin or something.

Why did you choose to self-publish?

I didn’t think I’d get anywhere to be honest. I had a few valued friends read Seeing White, one of which is deeply entrenched in this community, and all they all said, go for it. I had reservations but they kept pushing so eventually I just thought I’d have a crack at it.

It never even occured to me to contact an actual publisher, the thought would have scared me to death. Amazon makes it very easy to ‘have a go’.

Do you believe there is still a place for traditional publishing these days?

who knows? The self-publishing route certainly shows us that it is possible to get your work out there without the need for a publishing house to be involved. That being said, I probably wouldn’t have made the mistakes I did if I’d had a publisher.

Funnily enough, I wouldn’t change that fact. I firmly believe skills are honed and improved by our failures, so I’m actually quite pleased I went down the route I did. Also, I could have spent years searching for one who’d accept me.

Fifteen Fabulous Favourites:
1. Colour
2. Food
3. Fruit
Hate it all
4. Day of the week
5. Film
A few good men
6. Erotica author
Its not possible for me to narrow that down to one, sorry.
7. Restaurant
I’m not one for eating out, but if pushed I’d say Hibiscous in Mayfair, London.
8. Drink – non-alcoholic
Orange juice, smooth, dont like bits at all.
9. Drink – alcoholic
Brandy or gin
10. Celebrity
Jack Nicholson
11. Holiday destination
New York
12. Biscuits
13. Car
I want my Aston …. Grrrrr
14. Fictional Heroine
Wonder woman
15. Fictional Hero

What’s next for you, writing-wise?

I have one more to come out of this trilogy. How big it’ll be I don’t know, but he desrves his own story, and I already have Post-Its dotted everywhere with his constant yattering. Some lovely peeps are also calling for a Belle and Conner book, who knows? I also have a ‘thing’ going on in the background which is going to be very exciting if it comes off. There’s also the poetry to publish at some point.

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