Ireland says “YES!” to Gay Pride


Regular followers of this blog and of my Facebook page will know that I have a great passion for gay rights.

Imagine my delight, then, when my recent visit to Dublin happened to coincide with Gay Pride 2015.

IMG_0809There we were, attending our workshops in Parnell Square with all the diligence of brand new students, when the music started up and people started to arrive in the street below.

It was still 11am at this point, and I was finding it really difficult to concentrate on my studies, while tapping my toe to the pumping rhythms pouring through the open windows.

However, we managed to make it until our lunch break at 12.30, and a few of us escaped outside to watch the revellers (in their thousands by now) gathering to start their parade.

Dublin Gay Pride 2015, sponsored by Skittles sweets!

Slightly more than half of me wanted desperately to join the march. I saw two girls holding hands, both in wedding dresses, heading up the parade. A proud testimony to the landmark referendum earlier this year, for sure. Just behind them were 26 individuals, each holding a banner for each one of the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland. A tear came to my eye; it was a very proud moment.




A great day for Ireland, for the Gay Rights movement, and for the concept of Equality. Well done guys!


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