Review: Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz (Books 1-4, The Red Years)

I adore it when books move me. Having to grab a tissue as I reach the end of an erotica book in particular, makes me smile. (For the filthier-minded among you, this is to dab my tears and nothing else, you naughty people!)

Tiffany Reisz goes a good few steps further with her Original Sinners series. These books bring out such raw emotions. It wasn’t one tissue but several, over and over again. After reading the first four books in the series, I have had to take a break to get my breath back. In the New Year, I intend to continue where I left off. Allow me to share with you everything I love about these stories.

The series begins with The Siren, a gorgeous book which had me hooked straight away into the life of the beautiful but somewhat wayward Nora Sutherland. Nora writes erotica, and following problems with her previous editor, she has been assigned a new one, in the shape of one Zachary Easton.

Zach has escaped a failing marriage and hopped over to the US to take up a position as editor. His first assignment is to make something of the tragically flawed Nora, over whom he tries to exert some kind of influence, but soon learns there is one person only from whom she takes orders: her beloved Soren.

Discovering the extreme nature of Soren and Nora’s relationship through Zach’s eyes made it much easier for me to understand this subversive subculture and how, despite the pain and suffering that Soren inflicts upon Nora, she can adore him nonetheless.

In The Angel, we learn more about the young and beautiful Michael, who also harbours a penchant for the subversive. He meets the arrogant but handsome Griffin, who submits only to Nora but dominates everyone else,and so Michael finds his niche and settles into it well.

The Prince follows another character’s journey. This time, it’s the turn of Wesley, the young student who lived as Nora’s lodger for a time. Nora has had fantasies about young Wesley for a good long while, and Soren knows it. He also realises that to win her back, he has to let her go. And go she does, fleeing to Kentucky to be with Wesley.

Finally, the whole story comes to a clattering and shattering conclusion in The Mistress. We learn about the simmering Kingsley, the King of the underworld who has been in the background until this point. And, finally, we learn how much Nora is prepared to give for her love. Will it be her life this time?

Reisz’s writing is glorious effective. The books are a roller coaster of emotion from start to finish. It’s horny, yes, but there’s that wonderful romantic current running right through the middle. This is five star quality erotica, shocking in parts for its graphic content, but I loved it all the same.

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