Sensual writing that isn’t erotica? Let’s meet author Jim Crace…

There a number books in my house that don’t really belong to me. That is to say, I didn’t purchase or otherwise acquire them myself. Instead they were left behind when my ex-partner moved out and he told me I could have them.

Devil's LarderNo two people have the same taste in books, it would seem, and a lot of these books I gave away to charity; I simply had no interest in many of them. But some did intrigue me. While not being the kind I would have picked myself, I was interested in widening my reading experience, so I kept them.

Among this latter pile were a couple of small books by Jim Crace, and I’m now very glad I kept them. They have proved to be an extraordinary literary complement to my collection.

The first one I picked, The Devil’s Larder, is a gorgeous collection of short stories. Now then, there’s nothing kinky about these whatsoever, but the writing is beautifully decadent, as though the writer crafted each tale lying naked on a purple velvet chaise longue, being waited upon by a young castrated slave bringing endless goblets of wine to wash down sumptuous fruits.

But then, reading this tremendous work of Crace’s brings out these kinds of thoughts. It’s the kind of book which brings guilt trips upon the sensitive soul, for how could us mere mortals be deserving of even a moderate-sized portion of this rare treat?

If you get the opportunity to taste this amuse-bouche of literature, please do take a decisive bite. Chew it carefully and at a leisurely pace, preparing your literary taste buds for what is about to suppress the appetite of your mind.




National Novel Writing Month 2014 – WINNER!



Well, folks. I did it!

Despite my demanding day job, a family death and trying to organise a cocktail party for my birthday, I managed to pour over 50,000 words out into some kind of sense.

So, what has been the net result of completing this mammoth writing challenge, you say?

Well, in the short term, a new Fierce & Fabulous book will be ready just in time for Christmas. Get your Kindles charged up! I’m hoping for a release date of around Christmas Eve so watch this space. I tweet a lot about upcoming releases, so the best thing to do is follow me:

Also, I’ve made significant progress with a longer work that has been going round in my head for some time. Becoming Fabulous is a prequel to the collections of short stories. It tells the tale of Leah’s past and how she overcame the sadness and rejection of her painful divorce and entered the fun world of the swinging lifestyle.

So, all in all, a very productive month of November for me. The challenge now will be to maintain some of that momentum throughout the New Year…

In the meantime, allow me to wish you all a wonderfully Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year for 2015.

Much love,

Kitty xx

Review: Awakening The Virgin, Various

Another wonderful collection of short stories, this time concentrating exclusively on lesbian scenarios where one partner is new to the whole girl-on-girl thing. This is a delicious collection of tales, woven expertly by the contributors. The content is so ‘real’, I do wonder how any of them are writing from their journal entries..?

One of my favourite from the selection is In My Heart by Jules Torti – a gorgeously sensual story of when it’s the virgin who takes the lead and devours someone. Ms Torti has captured the essence of what it means to write erotica: “The words I wrote happen in the thick velvet of night” she states in her bio. I must away to my own velvet…


Review: Ultimate Decadence, Various

A charming collection of erotic tales about all sorts of encounters, ranging from the sublime to the downright horny. I loved these stories. Each one is just the perfect length for a few moments to oneself, now and then. My favourites include Tube Journey, in which the central character receives some much-needed attention on her way to work, in full view of the other passengers no less, and A Night At The Opera, where our plucky heroine learns how to add passion to her performances with a little practical help.


Review: Her Private Tutor, Anne Gaston

The Kindle was made for books like these!

This story is deliciously erotic, with wonderful threads of emotion running through the centre. Ms Gaston knows exactly how to turn on her readers with this take of a young girl exploring her sexuality with the expert help of an older, more experienced woman.

I adore the gorgeous Francesca: her naiveté, her petite frame and her beauty would be all too much for me to resist too, so I can understand why Josephine is all of a flutter and becomes utterly enchanted by her.

Can’t wait to read more from this author…